This is how it affects you

This all means that your neighbourhood ma change. Your values could go up, stay the same or go down. Some areas that were once no desirable now will be the most sought after. Call us to see if your are in the OCP vision and we will give you’re your value today and future value and are experts on land assembly and gathering neighbours to make one large collective to profit. We work with developers of all sizes. We always represent the home owner and connect them with the most integral developer for the site. We put puzzles together with ease. This is a complex puzzle and we have mastery in this arena. All for the Client. Post sale – we have a RETHINK RESIDENTIAL DIVISION where our team can help you buy your next home. This is a one stop shop. Assembly to New home and a bunch of money in the bank.

The Official Community Plan defines what the community wants to become. The plan not only provides a statement of where and what land uses the community want to see in the future, it also speaks to our aspirations for the economy, our strategies for achieving growth in a responsible way, for meeting our social needs, and for building a more interesting and more vibrant community. It’s the single document that the community has to express its wishes and its program for the future.”  The OCP is municipal bylaws that set the broad framework for managing development. It provides objectives for different land uses anticipated to meet future needs. The OCP also sets objectives for community services and facilities.  The OCP is the most important tool available to guide physical development. It includes policies and guidelines dealing with a wide range of land use planning and development matters, and provides the framework for the Zoning Bylaw and other detailed implementation tools for municipal management.